Kathryn Street Arts Festival 2014

what is this all about?

Drum stand, instrument rack and studio design by iron-to-live-with

Ongoing events and yearly summer workshops in Santa Fe in ironwork, capoeira and visual arts.

Training in capoeira regional for adults. Free capoeira practice group for beginning level most weekdays 8:45 - 9:45 AM in the Garage, 501/503 Kathryn Street, call (505) 474-3060.

Some highlights from the past:

2012: Instrument making for beginners, various gogo bells, dobrãos, drum stands to be used with capoeira

2013: Master class with Swiss metal designer Christoph Friedrich

What we have planned for 2014:

- Presentation by metal designer Tobias Kühn (from Berlin)
- Viking ironwork with Jim Austin (July 25 - 27)
- Symposium on Public Art
- Capoeira Cangaço Batizado and workshops
- Ski conditioning through capoeira (fitness class)

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