Kathryn Street Arts Festival 2014

what is this all about?

Drum stand, instrument rack and studio design by iron-to-live-with

Ongoing events and yearly summer workshops in Santa Fe in ironwork, capoeira and visual arts.

Training in capoeira regional for adults.

Some highlights from the past:

2012: Instrument making for beginners, various gogo bells, dobrãos, drum stands to be used with capoeira

2013: Master class with Swiss metal designer Christoph Friedrich

What we have planned for 2014:

- Presentation by metal designer Tobias Kühn (from Berlin)
- Viking ironwork with Jim Austin (July 25 - 27)
- Symposium on Public Art
- Capoeira Cangaço Batizado and workshops
- Ski conditioning through capoeira (fitness class)

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