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2014: Axe Making with Jim Austin

2016: Say Mak air hammers

​with Phil Cox

Phil Cox has been rebuilding, fine tuning and (yes!) souping up Say Mak hammers since the company first opened in 2001.  He was a close associate of the legendary Tom Clark, helping him with his engineering skills to build his hammer import business.  He is the president of BAM (Blacksmiths Artists Missouri) and lives near Kansas City.

Helmut Hillenkamp bought a Say Mak hammer from Tom Clark in 2008, shortly before Tom's death.  After several troubled rounds with other brands from Germany and China, this was the first time he could actually just plug the machine in and get to work.  He wants to bring these great machines back to the American market, and also will share with you the blacksmithing and power hammer techniques he developed as an artist blacksmith in Santa Fe.​ For more information about the hammers, go to our hammer site:


2012: Capoeira Instruments etc.

On an irregular basis we bring in high caliber teachers to share their vision and their methods with the Santa Fe community of ironworkers and with a nationwide audience flying in to participate in these events.  After a great start to this series by a week of instrument making for capoeira with Helmut Hillenkamp in 2012, we had Helmut's teacher Christoph Friedrich come from Switzerland in 2013 to show us his design concepts and approach as an artist and craftsman.  In the spring of 2014, Tobias Kühn came from Berlin, Germany to give a slide show about his family's body of work through four generations of creative ironworkers.  Particularly Tobias' grandfather Fritz set high standards for blacksmithing in Germany from the Thirties to the Sixties and beyond.   Craftsmen in the States studied his books as part of what was to become the resurgence of blacksmithing with the creation of ABANA in the Seventies.  In the summer of 2014 we hosted a three day workshop on Viking axe making with Jim Austin from Oakland, CA.  Jim's super meticulous way of working and well developed ideas about historic methods and how they might have been applied by the Vikings were a great inspiration.  In 2015 Randy McDaniel came to teach the use of the hydraulic press in the blacksmith shop.  A whole new world of possibilities opened up there!  In 2016 we had some fun with Say-Mak air hammers under the guidance of Phil Cox, getting Helmut started on the right foot with his import business of these great machines.

2013: design with Christoph Friedrich

​​​​Kathryn Street Arts Festival

2017: visit from Christoph Friedrich

2015: Hydraulic Blacksmithing
with Randy McDaniel

Kathryn Street Arts Festival